Workshops, Presentations, Seminars

We can arrange workshops, presentations and seminars on the mood of the UK consumer and on broader financial services issues.

Project management

We undertake and manage research projects for end-user clients and market research/intelligence agencies.  Projects vary but frequently these require in-depth interviews with business leaders, both face-to-face and by telephone. Past assignments have included:

  • Europe-wide project interviewing insurance company chief executives for a leading management consultancy
  • Business services study involving interviews with UK finance directors for a leading management consultancy
  • Corporate image study requiring face-to-face interviews with fund managers in the UK and abroad for an investment bank
  • A project interviewing Members of the European Parliament about the effectiveness of lobbying for a leading multi-national group
  • Usage and attitude study among private client managers towards hedge funds for a leading fund manager
  • UK survey of attitudes among financial institutions to offshoring for a global management consultancy

JGFR produced the report ‘Achieving success in wealth management 2003’  for IBM / Tru-Est Publishing based on some 40 interviews with CEOs and CIOs of leading wealth management groups.

Compeer Ltd

JGFR has a partnership agreement  with Compeer Ltd, a leading consultancy providing benchmarking services to the Wealth Management Industry, covering all business areas and examining salary and benefits packages separately. Every year it produces a Wealth Management Industry Report.  

Together JGFR and Compeer are developing new regular research offerings including the quarterly Mass Affluent Report and the 2008 Financial DIY Report.

Tulip Financial Research

On a number of studies we have worked closely with Tulip Financial Research, who specialise in researching the affluent and the rich top 5% of the UK population. Specific commissions undertaken by Tulip with input from JGFR, include providing the background research to the BBC 2 series UK millionaires,  an analysis of UK affluentials’ lifestyles, the demand among high net worth individuals for Wrap accounts and a report on the demand and use of structured products among high net worth individuals. For details of case studies click here.

Independent Consultants Group

Together with associates and through links with the Independent Consultants Group we can put together a research project team with a wide variety of skills.


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