Understanding the operating environment is essential where market and customer knowledge is power. This is especially the case in an economic downturn when consumers alter their spending patterns and priorities.

Plugging your information gaps

We have access to an extensive range of economic, financial and business information sources. This, together with our industry experience and knowledgable contacts enables us to undertake a variety of desk research projects. Often clients have information gaps needing to be filled or they need further verification / confirmation of their findings / perceptions. Expected financial activity and consumer confidence are two such gaps but we will be willing to try and fill other information gaps for clients either ourselves or through our network.

Sometimes looking back over market developments gives clues as to future consumer behaviour. We have undertaken studies of how financial services markets were expected to develop and what the reality was.

Desk Research

We have been commissioned to undertake a wide range of desk research assignments. Examples of these desk research assignments include an analysis of the pub and hotel sectors in the UK that resulted in one of the first big pub securitisation deals. We have also undertaken work on the factors influencing overseas property demand among UK consumers and how the demand is likely to change during the next decade.

Another study was for an overseas financial services group examining a UK market entry strategy into wealth management that required an evaluation of the economic and demographic trends surrounding savings, investment and wealth creation in the coming years and the types of products and distribution channels likely to be used most.

We closely monitor the second homes and buy-to-let markets in the UK. We have produced reports on second homes for Mintel and the Council of Mortgage Lenders and in 2004 were commissioned to produce a report on the Buy to Let market.

We follow financial services developments closely in Europe and have produced reports in part based on desk research on the European mortgage market and European money transmission and debt.

Regulation is among the priority issues confronting financial institutions. JGFR has produced two annual reports for Mintel on IFAs and the impact of depolarisation and two annual reports on Regulation.

In 2006 we  produced  reports on 'Retailers in Financial Services' and'Worksite Marketing' .

In 2007 our reports included 'Consumer attitudes to debt' and 'Non-Standard Lending'

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