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Established in 1995 we have been providing reliable market research in financial and business services mainly in the UK but also in Europe. Over the past 20 years we have built relationships with a wide variety of companies from the financial sector in order to improve their product, market and competitor intelligence. We are specialists in the industry and boast an extensive data source on consumer financial behavior dating back to 2002 using exclusive data commissioned from leading financial services market research agency GfK.

At JGFR we consistently provide cost effective market and consumer intelligence reports. Our market research expertise provides financial services companies with regular updates on the markets and consumer behavior, with a focus on confidence and financial activity. We always ensure that we provide relevant, up to date market research and insight which can add value to your business and to the financial services sector.

Through our carefully developed network links we are able to undertake specially commissioned financial, business and economic research projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

Please get in touch if you require financial services market research, insight, consultancy or marketing information. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and will be on hand to answer any questions in a timely and professional manner. We also provided commentary on the mood of the nation towards the London Olympics and have a special interest in sports charities.

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*64% of adults would support a charity that makes a difference to young peoples’ lives through sport (source: GfK NOP)

JGFR supports The Change Foundation (www.thechangefoundation.org.uk/)

See John Gibert’s Marketing Society blogs (www.marketingsociety.org.uk)

JGFR writes a quarterly feature on the mood of the consumer for The Financial Services Forum (www.thefsforum.co.uk)

New/Forthcoming Reports

    • Q4 2015 Financial Activity Bulletin
    • Sports Report 2015
    • Financial Adivce / Financial DIY 2015
    • Banking Barometer Q4 2015
    • November Consumer Confidence Monitor

‘Off the peg’ consumer research – 2015

  • Pensions
  • Sport and charities
  • Attitudes to banks
  • Graduates and finance



We provide clients with greater awareness of what’s happening in the market enabling them to react to the information received”

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